Meerschaum is a material which is excellent for smoking tobacco. At the beginning the bowl is pur white and after being smoked several times a brown colouring starts appearing at the shank.

Now some remarks as to how to smoke a meerschaum pipe.
Meerschaum gives you a very sweet smoke, however, meerschaum itself is brittle and breaks if you should drop it. Or the shank may crack if you forcefully twist the stem or knock out the ashes on a hard object.
For cleaning a meerschaum pipe use special instruments , never scrub it or use fluids on or in it.

How to take care of a meerschaum pipe.
Take time to smoke your meerschaum pipe, but no more than twice a day. Give it time to recuperate and the possibility to absorb the sediments. Your meerschaum pipe will thank you with an ideal aroma.
Clean your pipe with pipecleaner after each smoking, which will remove excess moisture. If necessary also while smoking.
Before removing the stem, make sure that the pipe is once again att room temperature, then twist the stem gently while pulling it away from the pipe.
Do not use force
To keep scratches from forming on your pipe, never place it or move it around on a hard surface.
For carrying your meerschaum pipe around, use its original box; do not put it into a trousers or jacket pocket.